A new M Local convenience store electrical installation for Morrisons

Morrisons M Local, Southend

The Southend M Local Convenience Store electrical, data and fire alarm installation works.

The new Southend M Local Convenience Store opened in January 2014, with Carmel completing the installation of an Electrical Distribution system supplying lighting, power and Mechanical/Refrigeration equipment, data and fire alarm systems.

The store utilises energy efficient LED lighting throughout, in line with Morrison’s specification. The essential IT and checkout supplies within the store are protected through an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) unit, safeguarding the store from supply network problems.

Carmel have worked closely with Morrisons to develop through their experience in the retail sector, methods and systems which has allowed the programme to be condensed to underĀ four weeks from our start on site to handover.

During Carmel's first year working with Morrisons, over 30 M Local stores have been completed, Carmel have used their vast experience in the convenience market to bring a whole new way of delivering to the Morrison's Team.
Chris Clarke, Managing Director, Carmel (Group) Ltd

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